Bnha boyfriend scenarios first fight

Her parents own a construction business that hasn't gotten a particularly significant amount of business in years, which affected their lifestyle. Neither of their Quirks are compatible with the jobs, but their daughter's is. Even as a small child, Ochaco desired to help her family out in any way she could, wanting to work for them and use her Quirk to help them make money.

That way, they could reduce labor costs and sell their heavy lifting equipment. However, her father always told Ochaco that the way to truly make him and her mother happy would be for their daughter to achieve her own dreams.

As a result, she aspires to become a Pro Herowanting to help people and make enough money to give her parents an easy life.

Ochaco attends the U. Highschool Entrance Exams. She notices Izuku Midoriya tripping and uses her Quirk to float his body, preventing him from falling over.

She nervously admits to him her concerns about the test and departs by wishing him good luck. During the practical portion of the exam, Ochaco scores twenty-eight points by using her Quirk on the villain-bots. Suddenly, a gigantic villain bot appears and tears apart the testing arena. Ochaco gets caught under debris as the robot approaches, putting her in danger of being crushed.

Izuku puts his safety aside and rushes to her aid. It what was a complete shock to Ochaco, he defeats the massive robot with one powerful blow. However, Izuku breaks both his legs and his right arm in the process and begins to free fall. Ochaco frees herself from the debris in time to safe Izuku from falling from the great height.

She smacks him just in time and uses her powers to float him as he's about to crash. The exams end shortly after. Ochaco returns to U. She tells Present Mic that Izuku had a zero score and that she needed to repay him for saving her.

Present Mic thanks Ochaco for stopping by, but Izuku earned enough rescue points to pass. Ochaco also earned forty-five rescue points. Combined with her villain points, this places Ochaco third in the exam.

Ochaco is the last person to arrive in Class 1-A on the first day of school. She happens upon Izuku and Tenya talking at the door. Izuku is clearly embarrassed, but this doesn't stop Ochaco from telling him how awesome his punch from the exam was.

A man clad in a sleeping bag, lying on the ground appears behind the trio. They are frightened when he tells them that they're taking up too much time chatting.

This man introduces himself as Shota Aizawa : their homeroom teacher. He immediately tells the class to dress in their P. Ochaco is concerned that they will miss orientation, but Shota claims there isn't any time for formalities.

The person who places last will be immediately expelled. Ochaco expresses that she feels this is unfair to the students. Shota replies that many of the world's disasters are unfair and that the students will need to "Go Beyond" that.Originally posted by hero-dwelling.

My family has taken me there since I was six. The outfits were showy and at times he found himself looking away as you continued swiping through the pictures. It was so fun! Originally posted by slnnamonroll. His accent made it hard for you to understand him. You grinned taking his hands in your own and squeezing them. Originally posted by fymyheroacademia.

His cruel master had the little boy whipped and thrown, bleeding, into an anthill, where he died in pain. He came back, invisible, and rides his horse on remote hills.

bnha boyfriend scenarios first fight

She used to say If you promise to light up a candle in his honor, he will help you find lost objects. One is a woman who was once beautiful, her husband, a samurai, had grown angry with her one day when he had found out she had been cheating on him. So, in his rage, he cut her face up and cursed her. Now she walks the streets at night, covering her smile as she finds her next victim.

Asking if they believe if she is beautiful. At times he would slip in a story that was relevant to your culture, causing you to smile to yourself as he continued to ramble on. If you could do a part 2, maybe, if you want, it would be much appreciated! A sincere thanks, from a Brazilian follower. He really try and relate to you and your interests in folklore…. Posted on 30 Novemberat Midoriya was starting to get worried now. As he reached the hallway, he noticed a Third-Year student cornering you against the wall, it seemed like he was whispering something to you.

Once he actually got over there, he heard what the Third-Year was saying. Midoriya turned towards you and gave you a soft smile. Oh boy, he gets jealous all the time. Inuyasha : starts to feel insecure. He insults the person, yells at them and even threatens them but is too proud to blatantly state that he is jealous. He then tells you that he will fight the other guy if he gets too close again.

Sesshomaru : commands you not to talk to him again or it would result in consequences. Originally posted by realstraykids. He hesitates but does as you say, opening your snapchat to reveal a picture of you hanging upside down off your bed, your head fashioned into a makeshift spike.

Can you do a soulmate au with Mark Lee where they both have the first words they say to eachother inked into their wrist or something like that. It would be great if it was kinda fluffy and funny. Sorry for bothering you again. Are you up? Keep reading. Are you feeling well? Have you eaten yet? Its getting cold please wear a jacket if you leave the house ok? He would come over after a long day of practice and sit with you watching a movie. Next thing you know he is trying to be smooth and does that dumb yawn-stretch-the-arm-put-it-around-you move.

The first time he said I love you it was an accident. He always tries to hold your hand. Like randomly you just feel his pinky wrap round yours.Ever since everyone had to vacate their old hideout, quite a few of the members went out occasionally to get drunk and fuck around. It was mostly you and Dabi. You intrigued him, so he quickly became your friend.

All Might vs Midoriya and Bakugou Full Fight

When you left, Dabi assumed to drink at the bar not that far away from the new hideout, said black-haired villain went back to focusing on whatever he was doing before noticing you.

He left the hideout and ran to the bar the League always went to. When he got there, he saw you hiding in a dark alley beside the building. Upon seeing him, you immediately hugged him. You were shaking and hid your face in his chest. Just pretend to be my boyfriend, Dabi. This guy must have tried to harass you.

Of course, Dabi agreed to your plan and held your hand as he walked you into the bar. I missed ya. Before he could put his hands on you, Dabi pulled you closer to his side.

bnha boyfriend scenarios first fight

The middle-aged drunkard just laughed and held his hands up defensively. Not my fault the bitch is a hottie. I would treat her so much better. Your fake boyfriend quickly pushed you behind him and punched the man in the nose.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

A dangerous amount of blood gushed from his nose and mouth and his eyes were stuck wide. Human trash like you should just die. Dabi kisses your cheek as you smiled at him. You felt awful. Ever since the two of you had started dating, the explosive boy would come over to your house and hangout after school.

You groaned and hid your head under your pillow, muffling the sound to avoid making your headache get worse. Katsuki busted open your bedroom door and saw you. You were laying in bed, blankets and sheets carelessly strewn around you, and your head under your pillow. The blonde sighed and laid on your bed beside you. One of his arms wrapped themselves on your waist and forced the pillow away from your face. Since his quirk makes his body slightly warmer than an average person, his body heat felt relaxing against your aching body.

bnha boyfriend scenarios first fight

You felt yourself falling asleep due to the comfort from your boyfriend. Bakugo pressed his lips gently on your pounding forehead and held a little tighter. Just let him sleep while you whisper to him.

Please, SFW and fluffy? Thank you! He finds that adorable. Mineta : Shut Upbrother ex-wife ex-husband ex-spouse ex-sister ex-marital partner ex-companion.

May I pretty please get 1 with Fatgum? I'm sorry if you're not taking asks and I just end up being annoying.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Can't wait for Hizashi to be terrified by bugs. The physical test is upon us: the day students fight their teachers. Today was the day of the physical test; the day class 1-A would fight the teachers. Who was fighting whom had already been decided, and Nedzu, the principal, was just now finishing explaining the rules to the students. The students' attention was on Nedzu, but it was still risky. The other teachers announced who would be their opponents, alongside Hizashi.

He was going to go easy on them, but after that comment, he decided against it. Everyone went to their buses, the teachers in one and the students in another. When his eyes met no-one else's, his sights landed back on Hizashi, who was making puppy dog eyes.

Hizashi was his weakness, he knew. He leaned forward and kissed Hizashi, who leaned into it. The kiss gave them a bit more energy. Hizashi trotted after him, a smile resting on his face.

bnha boyfriend scenarios first fight

The bus filled with the kids parked, and the students filed out neatly under Tenya's instructions. The teachers led the kids to Chiyo's, better known as Recovery Girl's, tent. The kids who were fighting first followed their teacher to the fighting grounds. Some kids chose to watch, while others prepared themselves for their fights and discussed strategies.

The teachers sat in separate rooms, alone or in small groups. Hizashi grinned. They sat like this for some time. The first fight ended, and the next began. Nedzu nodded, padded over, and climbed up to Hizashi. He has some time, but you might want to wake him up soon," Nedzu whispered. Hizashi nodded and Nedzu climbed down and disappeared, shutting the door behind him.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He reached out and stroked Hizashi's cheek. His hand snaked back, gripping the back of Hizashi's neck, just where his blonde hair ended and just above the top of Hizashi's gear. They parted only to catch their breath and pressed against each other again.

Hizashi smiled happily. He pulled on his goggles, nodded his goodbye to Hizashi, and left. The door clicked silently behind him. He waited a moment, his mind still on his boyfriend, then stood up and wandered into the viewing room where Chiyo sat. Chiyo nodded happily towards the students who wandered in to watch. Izuku noticed Hizashi in the corner, who was watching the screens intently. He was going to say something, but his attention was pulled to the screens as the fight began.

And you were so handsome, too! No way those two can beat me!She later became one of the nine lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Frontan organization formed from the remnants of the League and the Meta Liberation Army. Himiko is a relatively petite, fair-skinned girl who is very prone to blushing and is frequently described as having a rather pretty face.

She has slightly inward-tilting eyes, irises bright yellow and their pupils' thin slits, making them somewhat resemble those of a cat, and her wide mouth is also rather feline, as both her upper and lower canines are more pointed and longer than the rest of her teeth. Her casual outfit consists of a plain seifuku with a Kansai collar, both the skirt and the shirt dark blue with a double white trim, which is paired with a red scarf that she ties loosely below.

Over this, she wears an oversized beige cardigan with a rather long hem and cuffs, and pockets on either side, the right one shown to hold a number of trinkets on either a keychain or a cellphone strap. In her villain attire, she wears this same outfit but with a few additional gadgets and pieces, such as her piped black mask, the boxes of knives strapped around her thighs, and a blue utility belt around her waist with more little green boxes attached to it on either side.

The most noticeable new feature is the loose black mask she wears around her neck, which is decorated with pieces of pale metal in the shape of a carnivorous grin. Following the battle with the Meta Liberation ArmyHimiko appears to have damaged her right eye and wears a black eyepatch over it. She also wears a new coat, given to her by Skepticto replace the one she damaged in her fight against Curious.

After the battle, she is shown to have healed and her eye is shown to be intact. Himiko is a very cheerful girl, to the point of smiling even after having presumably killed someone, displaying apparent sadistic tendencies. Himiko is frequently seen blushing seemingly out of excitement rather than embarrassment, giving her a permanent look of what appears to be lovesickness on her face.

However, she has shown that she can easily be embarrassed, such as when she thinks people are coming on to her, [10] or when she is naked when copying clothes of the people she has transformed into.

Himiko is obviously mentally unstable and has a very twisted perception of love and friendship. Proven when, despite wanting to kill Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asuishe attempted to befriend the two girls as they fought, affectionately calling the latter by her first name and describing the former as "lovely".

When talking to Ochaco, she said that it was only natural to want to be like the one you love, to the point of literally becoming that person. Later she further explains and compares that like how "normal" people kiss the people they love as "normal", she sucks the blood of the people she loves as this is her "normal", further showing her twisted understanding of love, which thus justifies her carving up and butchering "guys who are tattered and reeking of blood", as they fit the description of her ideal lover.

Himiko is quite courageous, or at least very confident when using her Quirk, even impersonating an aspiring hero and taking part in an exam that gathered multiple students of heroics and pro heroes. She also has shown a comedic and childlike demeanor when faced with different situations, such as when she was with Twice or when she attempted to insult Mimic.

Like most of her allies, Himiko has stated that she finds life to be difficult for the current world and wants to make it an easier place to live in. She looks up to Stain and sees him as her role model; declaring a desire to kill and "become" him possibly in reference to her Quirk.Midoriya Comes Across A Satyr.

Tired Couple! Midoriya Izuku X Omega! Rest In Peace Deku. Bakugou Katsuki and Omega! What happens when things go out of control? Send me one to three emoji, I will try my best to write for them. The sun was shining through your curtains making the rays light up the room, by a little, by little.

You hid underneath your fluffy big blanket glaring at the window. With the sun shining outside, it felt like it was mocking your misery. The black circles around your eyes made you look like a raccoon. You cover your head once again and see the trash can filled with used tissues and empty tissue boxes. You are gonna get through this by yourself. You shattered the mirror in your room out of anger of just looking at your reflection. You had slammed your bedroom door closed and throwing your backpack onto the ground with a loud grunt.

You turn around to make eye contact with your reflection seeing your eyes are puffy red, with a trail of tears down your cheek down to the chin. Your lip split open, because of the fangirls fight. You could feel the heavyweights on your chest.

It was almost suffering. You knew what it was.

Ochaco Uraraka/Synopsis

Lifting your fist, strive forward feeling the pain on your knuckles with the mirror splits through the glass. You remove your hand before the glass shatters into pieces as they fall upon the ground. You wave your hand to relieve the pain on your knuckles, as you can feel the bruise happening underneath your skin. You are starting to regret punching the mirror, it was out of impulse.

BNHA Scenarios And Things

You just feel ashamed of yourself. Now, you look down on your bandaged up hand that you put ice on it once everyone fell asleep. You are the biggest idiot to even accept that rich kid who is well known for playing dirty. You should have known better than to make deal with that dude. The brown-haired boy leaning against the wall of the classroom with a stupid smirk on his lips looking down at you with pride.

Your eyes widened as your blood runs cold, while his grin grew with malicious intent. How exciting! So keep up the act, peasant. This should be considered a threat. You grab his arm and glared at his eyes, shoved the envelope into his U. A jacket chest pocket. I rather pay the hospital bill with my own damn money and stay with debt. You remember that day so clearly when you wanted to back out, but that bastard threatens you to keep your mouth shut or risk it all in other words.

The only people who know is your mother, and Midoriya family, which you highly doubt it was the case. Mom is asking from downstairs. The destruction of your room is horrifying to your sister due to the flipped table, chair, and papers mixed with blueprints laying on the ground.